Create volumetric paintings with our new range of texture pastes
Materials for Ink Art ›
All you need for convenient work with alcohol inks: paper, plastic, empty vials, and other accompanying materials for working on canvas.
Blending solutions ›
Use blending solution with fixing effect to dilute the inks. Must-have for anyone who works with alcohol inks.
Sets ›
Ink sets and preselected colour combinations to create unique paintings
Liquid gilding ›
Perfect material for gilding. These opaque inks perfectly imitate precious metals, lay down in a thin layer like leaf gilding and dry instantly.
Inks for Petri Art ›
Special inks for petri effects in the resin layer. A wide range of colours from bright to whitened colours, as well as shades of gold and silver, to create incredible effects in your products.
Delaminating inks ›
If you're looking for experiments and want to create something new and unusual, you should definitely try these inks! You can use them to create volume without physically creating volume. Incredible texture. Paintings create themselves!
Nacre chameleons ›
At first glance it looks mother-of-pearl, but when exposed to the sun, it's a radiant, bright shade that plays magically in the light. It looks perfect on dark surfaces and blends perfectly with the other ink ranges, adding radiance and luminosity to the shades.
Nude inks ›
Delicate pastel shades. Look striking on dark surfaces. Dense or light, it's up to you!
Metallic inks ›
Shimmering series of metallic inks to create golden facets and light cobwebs. Combine beautifully with the inks of all the ranges to create a magical tandem. Would you like to add the right accent to your work? Then you need metallic inks for sure!
Сore ‘A’ line ›
The A-line inks are lush, translucent inks which blend easily with each other. An ideal tool for creating light and airy ink art paintings.
Texture ›
Eco Acrylic Resin
Casting Compound ›
Concentrated multifunctional acrylic inks
Acrylic inks ›
For mixing with acrylic inks
Mediums ›
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